“Handbook to Health”

handbookIn Handbook to Health, Vivian Rice and Edie Wogaman provide nutrition education and encourage self-help to prevent health challenges and encourage wellness. This book includes menus for various types of diets. It is filled with recipes that are easy to prepare and very delicious that everyone will enjoy, whether you are an Omnivore or Vegetarian.

Some diet specific menus found in Handbook To Health relate to Candida, High Blood Pressure, Menopause, Arthritis, Diabetes Type II and Chronic Fatigue. They comment upon the “Soy Controversy” and GMO foods. They do not practice medicine nor diagnose or treat any disease, but offer a way to get on a path to optimum health by eating nutritious and healthy foods. This book came about by the requests of their many clients, and years of questions from those clients, about how to start and end their days with the most nutritious and tasty foods to keep them on a path to optimum health.

The purpose of the book is to inform you that there is an easy way to change your thinking about food and increase your health. They encourage each individual who wants to discover the best foods for their bodies and health needs to be tested by a health professional who uses kinesiology (muscle-testing) to determine the most perfect diet that suits your body. It is our intent to introduce you to a lifestyle change that you can easily accomplish.

Throughout the book Vivian and Edie recommend that you use the highest quality foods possible or available. Organic produce, drug-free and hormone-free animals and their by-products (such as organic butter), and farm-raised fish and shrimp are ideal. You will be encouraged to buy organic produce or to raise it yourself, or purchase produce at a local farmer’s market. They suggest you use specific vegetable & fruit washing techniques to remove pesticides and herbicides from all the produce you purchase.

They provide menus and correlating recipes to clarify and simplify what has become a very confusing approach to wellness. Appealing and tasty recipes can be made with easy-to-find ingredients, that are time efficient for a busy schedule. In this book you embark upon a course they have called: “open mouth, insert nourishment.” The guidelines and menu ideas in this book are meant to help you get the most out of the food you eat. They tell why you should eat foods in their most natural state instead of refined. They believe the most ideal foods to help anyone gain optimum health are organically grown.

Proper food combining is the key to changing body chemistry to maintain good health and proper body weight. There is a clear and simple food combining chart in this book.Vivian and Edie describe which herbs and foods nourish the colon and intestines, making the job of nutrient assimilation more efficient. You will learn why having small and frequent meals can help assimilate nutritional elements of your food and promote better elimination and healing.

They discuss the “soy controversy” with pros and cons for adding soy to your diet. You will learn why tap water in most cities can contribute to thyroid dysfunction, and what element in tap water may elevate blood pressure. Another element found in most tap water may contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease. They clearly explain why you should use distilled, natural spring or purified water rather than most city or bottled waters. Discover the “Dangers of Dairy” and so much more.